A couple of days ago, we told you about a new song by Beck, 'Looking for a Sign,' that appears in the new film, 'Jeff, Who Lives at Home.' At the time, the song had not yet appeared. But as seems to be the case these days, you only have to wait a little while and sooner or later it will be on iTunes.

Built around a chord progression that wouldn't sound out of place on Neil Young's 'Harvest,' the song is a return to the moody acoustic heartbreak of 2002's 'Sea Change.' A harmonica, two electric guitars - one twangy, the other with some heavy vibrato - and a banjo provide minimal accents.

Lyrically, well, it’s not too far removed from the gorgeous post-breakup melancholia of ‘Sea Change,' either: "If I ran across your picture / If I called you by mistake / And if I asked someone about you / It's a habit I can't break." Beck uses his falsetto - which still surprises even 13 years after 'Debra' - in the chorus to wonderful effect.

Beck, it's been four years since 'Modern Guilt.' Hopefully the concerts you're doing in May mean that you have a new album in the works. Please come back and give us more songs like this. We miss you.

Listen to 'Looking for a Sign' by Beck