Beck and company put on a well-balanced show for a sold-out crowd at New York City's iconic Hammerstein Ballroom last night (June 30). Essentially performing two sets -- one slower and more acoustic than the other -- Beck was greeted with an intense energy culminating throughout the night in the iconic music venue.

The show's first set included nine songs that featured Beck behind an acoustic guitar. Jamming through tunes from 2002's 'Sea Change' and his latest album 'Morning Phase,' Beck seemed very calm and laid back. This casualness ended with the finale of 'Blue Moon,' and as the band dispersed for a few moments, the crowd wasn't sure what to expect next. The previously subtle light show turned into an all-out EDM-esque blowout as Beck hit the audience with a blistering execution of 'Devils Haircut' from 1996's 'Odelay.' Check out a snippet of the song in the video above.

Throughout the second set the band covered the last 20 years of Beck's career, from the crowd-pleasing 'Loser' to the toe-tapping 'Modern Guilt,' a song that the singer had to start over after forgetting the lyrics to the opening verse. The fans were quite forgiving, though, as Beck's on-stage demeanor throughout the entire night was nothing but authentic and genuine. The evening wrapped up with a raucous version of 'Where It's At' that climaxed with the entire audience jumping up and down with Beck.

Setting the stage and preparing the crowd for the night were none other than the Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, Sean Lennon’s psychadelic-infused bluesy folk rock band. Playing eight songs in 30 minutes, Lennon and his band spared little time for talk other than explaining why they were so happy to be touring with Beck. “The first time I toured with Beck I was 20 years old,” Lennon told the crowd. “Back in ’97, everyone booed me off the stage. So this is awesome.” Jamming through tunes like 'Xanadu,' 'Too Deep' and 'The Devil You Know,' the Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger's Elliott Smith-meets-Silverchair sound was greeted with open arms and ears.

Get Beck's remaining summer tour dates here, and check out some of our photos and the setlist from last night's show below.

Beck, Hammerstein Ballroom - June 30, 2014
‘The Golden Age’
‘Blackbird Chain'
‘Lost Cause’
‘Say Goodbye’
‘Country Down’
‘Heart is a Drum'
‘Waking Light’
‘Blue Moon'
‘Devils Haircut’
‘Black Tambourine’
‘Soul of a Man’
‘New Pollution’
‘Hell Yes’
‘Get Real Paid’
‘Modern Guilt’
‘Think I’m in Love’
‘I Feel Love’

‘Sexx Laws’
‘Where It’s At’