We all hope that our kids inherit our best traits, and for Beck, he's got to be one proud papa these days. That's because his son looks to have inherited the funky gene in the family.

Young Cosimo Henri has wandered onto the stage several times over the years during his dad's performances, and did once again during a recent gig in Santa Barbara, where he showed off some dance moves during the Beck favorite 'E-Pro' (fast forward to about 43 seconds in to the video below). No doubt he picked up a few of those moves steps from Beck's former "dancing guy," Ryan.

Beck is just starting to get back into the spotlight after spending the last few years producing other acts and developing his website into one of the most entertaining artist destinations. His new single, 'I Just Started Hating Some People Today,' will be released on May 28 via Jack White's Third Man Records label, and he's begun playing shows again in advance of a new album that appears to finally be en route.

Watch Beck's Son Cosimo Dance to 'E-Pro'