After unveiling the first lyric video from his album of sheet-music compilations, 'Song Reader,' yesterday (Aug. 29), Beck returns with two more for fans to consume over the long holiday weekend.

In the video above, you can read-along with the words for Beck's own song on the album, 'Heaven's Ladder,' and below, check out Juanes' 'Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard.'

In 2012, Beck released a book of sheet-music in the form of 'Song Reader,' and a little less than two years later, released an album full of contributions from friends like Jack White, Norah Jones, Jack Black and more.

Along with yesterday's lyric video with White ('I'm Down'), these two new videos are the only ones released from the album so far. The album features 20 songs, so we expect to see more lyric videos released soon. In the meantime, here is Juanes' Spanish-sung 'Don't Act Like Your Heart Isn't Hard':