Restraint isn't a concept many young bands are familiar with. It's easy to get lost in a 20-minute solo, filled with hammer-ons and sexual innuendo, even when you're playing a crummy bowling ally, and your booze-soaked, Skynard-tee-clad audience couldn't care less.

But Philly's Belgrade is a rare exception. They've mastered the power of pulling back. Their new single, 'Truth Serum,' sounds like it could come apart at the seams. At any second, the band could launch into a full-throttle riff attack. But they don't. And for some reason, "not getting to eat the cake," as they say, totally works in indie rock.

"Written from both perspectives, 'Truth Serum' is a celebration of tumultuous night time behavior between two friends (and sometimes foes)," guitarist Matt Hanemann tells "A subversive battle of wits involving too much alcohol and the resulting inability to hold your tongue. Drink too much, you'll spill your guts — figuratively, and sometimes literally."

You heard the man. Lay off the sauce, Johnny! And make your solos shorter.

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