Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is a guy with a lot to say, but sometimes that means his quotes can be misconstrued. He spoke to Rolling Stone about Smashing Pumpkins' upcoming tour with Marilyn Manson and dispelled a few rumors – first and foremost that the next Smashing Pumpkins album might be the last.

"Never said that," said Corgan. "I have been asked about it maybe 40 times since, and I have said the same thing every time. Never said it. All I was saying was that if these albums that I am doing – I'm now on the second of the two – don't go where I need them to go, then I would take the Smashing Pumpkins in a different direction, i.e., I would maybe make four-hour albums, or I would make one song at a time again.

Corgan also said the band might continue forever. "I've basically said that Smashing Pumpkins dies when I die, and maybe not even then," he said. "Maybe my niece will take over the franchise when I'm dead."

And it's not true that he wishes to no longer be called "Billy." He said, "My name is actually William. I was born William. That’s my birth certificate name. And so all I have been doing in my private life is that I’ve been asking people to call me William, because at some point Billy just feels weird. It’s sort of a young man’s name. I feel more like a William than a Bill or a Billy. I see Billy as a professional name, and William as my real name — much like Axl Rose is not Axl Rose’s real name. His real name is William as far as I know."

Beyond that, he talked about the very-much active future of Smashing Pumpkins, wrestling and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Read the whole conversation here.

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