A eucalyptus tree falls in Beverly Hills, and the wife of 'Grey’s Anatomy' star Eric Dane is almost killed as a result. It may sound ridiculous, but that's for the courts to decide. Dane and his wife, actress Rebecca Gayheart, have filed a lawsuit against Billy Corgan, alleging that a tree from the Smashing Pumpkins frontman's garden fell into their house during a storm last December, causing the house to flood and exposing a high-voltage power line on their property.

Dane and Gayheart, who was heavily pregnant at the time, were forced to vacate the property, and as a result, the couple is suing Corgan for nuisance, negligence and injunctive relief (whatever that is). They're seeking an unspecified amount of compensation. They claim that the singer had been warned about the danger posed by the trees but didn't take any preventative measures. Corgan says that claim is "patently untrue," but he's since removed other trees from his property after consulting an expert.

"I was horrified when I learned about the tree falling during what was a massive storm, a storm with winds strong enough to uproot a 50 ft tree by its base!" he tells TMZ. "Thankfully no one was injured."