A new commercial for search engine Bing uses the music of indie trio Au Revoir Simone as the soundtrack for an unconventional wedding that comes together thanks to recommendations from a bride's social media friends.

The spot shows the bride using Bing to search for "outdoor wedding." In addition to the usual search results, Bing returns a sidebar of suggested links from her Facebook friends, one of whom recently posted photos of an outdoor wedding. Her friend recommends a local farm, and that's where the celebration ends up taking place. She also hires a wedding band at the suggestion of an online acquaintance.

'Anywhere You Looked' by Brooklyn-based trio Au Revoir Simone plays in the background during the search. As viewers see footage from the ceremony, they hear Au Revoir Simone singing, "What would you say was the matter / When we all laughed at each other / When we all cried together? / I was right."

'Anywhere You Looked' appears on the group's 2009 album 'Still Night, Still Light.' The group has also had songs featured on 'Ugly Betty,' 'Grey's Anatomy' and in Cheerios commercials.

Many fans assume Au Revoir Simone are French, but they actually took their name from a line in 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure.' The group is currently on hiatus, but Erika Spring has a solo album coming out in July.

Hear Au Revoir Simone's 'Anywhere You Looked' in the Bing Wedding Search Commercial