Fans of the 'BioShock' video game series have been waiting a long time for the third installment, 'BioShock Infinite,' as the release has been been delayed by internal issues at Irrational Games, the company behind the popular title. In fact, word on the street was that some fans began to doubt 'BioShock Infinite' would ever see the light of day, but with the arrival of a new trailer touting game's Feb. 26, 2013, release, everything seems to now be on track again.

The trailer for the the first-person shooter features a song that sounds somewhat like soul music played by a metal jam band. As the music plays, we get a glimpse of the action-packed game. In 'BioShock Infinite,' the player controls the character Booker DeWitt, who uses a variety of weapons and psychokinetic powers as he links up with the computer-controlled character Elizabeth to traverse the floating-island dystopian city of Columbia in the year 1912. They've been sent back from the future to alter upcoming events by disrupting the space-time continuum -- it's heady stuff, indeed.

So, what's the soul-metal-jam song heard on the trailer? The tune is 'Beast,' and it comes from the 2009 self-titled debut album by the Los Angeles-based trio Nico Vega. 'Beast' is a Vega fan favorite and frequent concert closer, and here, it works well, with it's chaotic rock vibe easily matching in energy the violent action on the screen.

Hear Nico Vega's 'Beast' in the 'BioShock Infinite': The Beast of America Trailer