New York City’s Museum of Modern Art recently concluded its Bjork retrospective, but you can now watch the 10-minute video for “Black Lake” -- a song that appeared on the singer's latest album, Vulnicura -- which was featured at the exhibit. Check it out above (via Dazed).

In the Andrew Thomas Huang-directed video, Bjork is captured making her way across stark Icelandic landscape, featuring choreography arranged by Erna Omarsdottir.

“‘Black Lake’ is one of the most ambitious music videos I’ve done,” Huang told Dazed, “because of the emotional weight and power of the song, and the rigorous conceptual development that we had over many months in planning it correctly.”

“I would like to thank [Huang] and James Merry so strongly for going through with me the longest video process yet,” Bjork writes on her Facebook. “Especially to Andrew for his talented, elegant patience and to take my first visual impulses and weave into them his own magnificent vision.” She goes on to describe the making of the video as a “complex yet adventurous process.”

In addition to the “Black Lake” video making its way to the public, Bjork has also unveiled a series of Vulnicura remixes, which were contributed by Lotic, Katie Gately, Mica Levi and more. Take a listen below (via Dazed):