On Feb. 18, 2014, Echo Park collective Black English released their full-length album, NO, via their own label, Bedroom Empire. More than a year later, they're finally releasing the official music video for one of the disc’s standout tracks, “Another Life,” and we’re thrilled to partner with them for the debut -- check it out above.

To call “Another Life” an intriguing visual experience would be a severe understatement; it’s funny and heartbreaking all at once, with the song serving as a beautiful soundtrack.

“This video has a really interesting backstory,” Bradley Carter admits. “A lot of people worked really hard on this and it was actually filmed at the end of 2012, but until now it’s never seen the light of day. It’s always a balance with music vs. video art, when what means something really personal to the band, can through video mean something entirely different and equally personal to another person when they are attaching their vision or feelings to the songs ... multiple stores are being shared all at once.”

Directed by Zak Stoltz and produced by Stephen Buchanan, Carter and his bandmates are obviously ecstatic to finally share this video with their fans -- and to dedicate it to a good friend.

“Reminding us all of the fragility of life, we’d like to dedicate the ‘Another Life’ video to the memory of Nick Terry, who passed away shortly after this video was completed,” Carter tells us. “Nick not only acted in this but also played a huge part in the video’s production.”

You can pick up NO here, and make sure to stay current with everything happening in Black English’s world at their official website.