Black Flag co-founder and guitarist Greg Ginn has been accused of child abuse after his ex-wife filed charges last week in Williamson County Texas District Court.

According to Consequence of Sound, Marina Ginn said her daughters -- ages 7 and 10 -- "live in constant fear" of their father. She claims Ginn's behavior is "growing increasingly erratic" and that he is "routinely denying [the children] food and threatening them." The affidavit also alleges that Ginn catcalls his daughters and that they've witnessed "confrontations and physical violence at the building where they live."

Ginn's ex-wife is asking for an emergency motion to modify the existing custody arrangement and said she no longer believes it's safe for her daughters to stay with their father. The 7-year-old was reportedly hospitalized earlier this month due to stress caused by the situation. A family friend has created a Go Fund Me project to raise money for any legal fees Ginn's ex-wife may incur.

Ginn is no stranger to claims like this one. Earlier this year, ex-Black Flag vocalist Ron Reyes said Ginn threatened Reyes' family before he was fired in the middle of a concert.