Blues-rock duo the Black Keys have made their scripted Comedy Central debut with a cameo in the hit show 'Workaholics.' The rock stars screen time was brief but worth the wait.

The episode centers around stars Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm and their quest for an awesome pool party. The trio buy a hover craft from a fellow co-worker's garage sale but soon find that the device isn't in mint condition. The contraption catches on fire and falls apart, ruining our heroes' upcoming pool party. They confront the seller, but he refuses to give them a refund, stating all sales are final. Anderson, DeVine and Anders decide to take him to small claims court.

The Black Keys first appear as two people waiting for their case to be heard. The ponytails singer Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney sport are extravagant. They even argue over whose is longer, with Auerbach saying his strands of hair are 22 inches long.

The stars take their case a little too seriously, pleading to a non-existent jury about their predicament. Kidnapping potential "witnesses" and digging a grave are also part of the shenanigans. You can watch highlights from the episode on Comedy Central's official website.