The unreleased second music video for the Black Keys' 'Gold on the Ceiling' has finally surfaced. Directed by oddball filmmaker Harmony Korine, the unconventional clip features the duo dressed in baby onesies, carried around by their much larger doppelgangers.

At first glance, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney appear to have miniature versions of themselves strapped to their chests, but it's actually the other way around — the real Keys are the "babies" in the pink pajamas, and the giant Keys holding them up are the imposters.

There's not much action in the video. Most of the shots show the Keys sitting or standing in place, sometimes with baby bottles in hand. Strange money-related phrases occasionally appear on top of the video, like "We love booty" and "We love lootcake." Korine creates an amateur-style video with intentionally poor quality that sometimes cuts out entirely like an old VHS tape.

Back in February, when the Keys released the official live performance clip for 'Gold on the Ceiling,' Auerbach told MTV about the concept behind Korine's video: "Pretty much we just let Harmony get self-indulgent, do his thing. Pat and I are dressed up like babies, in onesies, and we're in Baby Björns being carried by giants who have our faces. And he also had the ATL Twins in it. They're these twins who are all Fubu'ed out, but they only have sex with the same girl. They're really strange. They sleep in the same bed together."

Watch the Black Keys 'Gold On the Ceiling'