If there is such a genre as psychedelic-pop-infused shoegaze-rock, Black Light White Light would be at its helm. The Danish trio are getting ready to release their latest album, ‘Gold Into Dreams,’ in the U.S. on Oct. 14 -- but before it hits store shelves, we’re beyond excited to debut the brand-new music video for the studio track ‘Running.’ Check it out above.

The song perfectly seizes what Black Light White Light are all about, and its accompanying video is just as mesmerizing. “‘Running’ is much more about wanting to escape the loneliness and the emotional emptiness you absorb from your surrounding,” frontman Martin Ejlersten says, “but not knowing how to escape without turning it all back and just running away in a hurry in whatever direction you can.”

The singer and guitarist goes on, “It’s about taking a stand even if it’s hard and goes against the current of the mainstream. In the video, we were working on capturing how an individual is feeling isolated through being in the midst of crowds of people in one of the most vibrant cities in the world on a busy Saturday night.”

In an experience most can relate to, Ejlersten explains, “Everyone is rapidly drifting by in the opposite direction toward the superficial absurdity of modern life.”

Get details on all things Black Light White Light -- including an awesome guitar effect pedal that comes loaded with the new album -- at their official website here.