In wake of the controversy caused by Chik-fil-A executive Don Cathy condemning gay marriage on religious principles, a number of LGBT couples have been posing for pictures while making out in front of various locations of the fast food chain. Now, Cole Alexander and Jared Swilley of the Atlanta pysch-rockers Black Lips have staged their own Chik-fil-A make out in support of the cause.

Today (Aug. 3), Alexander and Swilley took a picture of themselves kissing in front of a Chick-fil-A and  posted it on Twitter. "Black lips headed to chick fil a! Can't decide what's gonna taste better, A chicken sandwich,or Jared's tongue shoved down my throat," Alexander tweeted this afternoon before making the voyage.

Later in the day, after posting the make-out pic, Alexander added in another tweet, "I wish i looked romantic in that shot -¢ I" Later, perhaps after receiving some criticism, he followed that with the post, "I'm a grown a-- man!I will eat where I want,and swap salivated chicken where I want."

Hard to argue with that logic, Cole! Hard to argue with that.