Creative people tend to prefer focusing on their next project instead of dwelling on the past, but if you're going to look back, you might as well do it in style -- and that's exactly what Blur are doing in 2012, with a major reissue campaign that will culminate in a massive 21-disc box set.

The box, sensibly titled '21,' will house three DVDs, a book, a 7" vinyl disc, more than 130 rare tracks, and 65 previously unreleased songs -- pretty much all the Blur a hardcore fan could ask for, which is exactly the way these things are supposed to work.

For the less rabid fans, Blur are also reissuing each of their studio efforts, with the first five -- 1991's 'Leisure', 1993's 'Modern Life Is Rubbish', 1994's 'Parklife', 1995's 'The Great Escape' and their 1997 self-titled release -- coming with new digital remasters supervised by the band.

Each of the reissues will pack a second disc containing assorted B-sides, rare cuts, and unreleased tracks. And if that weren't enough to make every Blur fan's year, '21' will also be released on vinyl (How much will that thing weigh? The mind boggles.)

Take a look at the complete track listing for '21' and each of the upcoming single-album reissues at this link. How many will you be buying?