The 2012 Summer Olympics in London is less than four months away, and rumor has it Adele will be one of the performers at the closing ceremony (see what we did there?). Other famous Brit musicians that might appear include Coldplay, Blur and more. While nothing has been confirmed, controversy is already surrounding the event due to news of both the opening and closing ceremony musical performances being prerecorded.

This essentially means that whoever the London Olympic Committee books to open and close the Summer Games, they will be lip-syncing to their own songs. Even the instruments will already be dubbed and not played live. This does not sit too well with some in the London music community.

The Musicians' Union in the U.K. told The Times that the situation is "shameful," particularly coming from a nation that's very well known for live music. Organizers are defending their decision, stating their plan for the semi-faux live performances is not unheard of.

"Due to the complexity involved, it's just not possible for the music in all the shows to be live," a spokesperson says. "There will be live musical elements but many of the songs will be recorded in advance. This is standard practice for an event of this scale."

In related Blur news, frontman Damon Albarn recently hinted that Blur would probably disband again after their August 12 performance at Hyde Park in London to close out the Summer Games. Albarn decided to be a total buzz kill and said his animated band Gorillaz are also likely finished.