The month of Blur’s highly anticipated comeback album The Magic Whip’s arrival is finally upon us, but the band is still providing plenty of teasers to maintain our level of excitement until its April 28 release. The latest comes in the form of a music video for album single, “Lonesome Street.”

The first half of the clip captures one dude on his -- for lack of better words -- lonesome, performing a kind of interpretive dance to the new Blur tune. Soon though, the video’s star is joined by an entire dance troupe, specifically San Francisco’s Phoenix Fly Line Dancing Group. Check it out above.

Recently, Blur performed their new album from front to back during a show in London. Beats by Dre streamed the entire concert on its Youtube channel, and now, Beats has also shared an interview with guitarist Graham Coxon and producer Stephen Street.

During the conversation, Coxon describes “Lonesome Street” as harkening back to the band’s previous releases, however, he says The Magic Whip is full of “unfamiliar territory,” too.

“It goes from being something really experimental to a really soul-type song to a really abrasive, upbeat punky type thing,” Street adds. “It’s great, but it still sounds like Blur.”

Coxon also discussed the natural chemistry and creative process he shares with frontman Damon Albarn.

“I think Damon has this great knack of saying in very few words what I’ve realized I’m sort of feeling as well,” the guitarist says, “and I think I’ve just sort of developed a telepathic way of backing him up on the guitar.”

Watch the complete interview below: