In the same press conference that Damon Albarn announced the surprising news that Blur will be releasing their first album in 12 years, The Magic Whipin just a couple of months, he also shared that the English rock outfit will be playing Hyde Park in London in June.

"We're going to play Hyde Park. One more time," he said (via NME). "The reason why we're going to play is [the new record]. I wouldn't be doing this if there weren't new songs to play."

While there were no specifics unveiled for a full-blown Blur tour, Albarn did hint that something was in the works: "There's not going to be just one show."

Whether the additional shows will find their way stateside or be strictly based in Europe, only time will tell. Albarn did say that if there was "interest" in the U.S., the band might hop the pond for some shows.

In the meantime, though, we do have the first single from The Magic Whip, "Go Out," which is reminiscent of Blur's self-titled effort from 1997.

Trust us Mr. Albarn: There is interest in Blur in the U.S.

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