Yesterday was especially emotional for punk outfit BLXPLTN: They released their first full-length album, 'Black Cop Down,' but also learned their producer, Isiah 'Ikey' Owens, had been found dead in a Mexico hotel room.

You can stream the album in its entirety below.

In a statement released on behalf of the BLXPLTN, the band said Owens -- who was on tour as a keyboardist for Jack White -- was a mentor to the band, one of the producers on the album and he was the mastermind behind their single 'Stop & Frisk.' Owens, 38, did some early tracking on the album with final production by Autry Fulbright and Elliott Frazier.

Aside from performing in White's band, Owens was also a longtime member of the Mars Volta and collaborated on many other projects.

Here's a photo of Owens working with BLXPLTN bassist Jonathan Horstmann:

Effective Immediately PR

Band leader Ta$zlin Muerte told us:

I cannot express how I feel right now. Ikey was more than a great musician, he was a good person. He was so down to earth. Ikey was the person every musician hoped was standing in the crowd. Ikey was that person who was REALLY listening. And if he liked what he heard, no matter who you were, he would say, "Hey, let's make a record."

Although the cause of death was initially unknown, a coroner later determined Owens died of a heart attack.

Listen to BLXPLTN's 'Black Cop Down'