While Bob Dylan continues to issue more and more unreleased tracks from his early years, the legendary musician is taking a different, more current approach when it comes to sharing his artwork. 'Bob Dylan: The Drawn Blank Series 2008-2014' opens at Castle Fine Art in London on Nov. 7 -- and you can get a preview of the exhibit in the video above.

As Castle explains, "Whilst traveling on tour between 1989 and 1992, Bob Dylan created a collection of drawings that were published in a book entitled 'Drawn Blank' in 1994. Dylan transformed these pieces using watercolor and gouache ahead of an exhibition in 2006." Those "transformed" pieces of art comprise 'The Drawn Blank Series.'

What Dylan fans and art enthusiasts will find in the '2008-2014' exhibit is the entire collection, which has never been on display before. If you're lucky enough to be near Castle Fine Art in the next week, the exhibit is free to view. Get more details here.