A new commercial for the Season 8 premiere of the FOX crime drama 'Bones' features the music of unsigned Los Angeles musicians who describe their sound as "dirty fuzz pop." What's the song in the 'Bones' promo?

The track is called 'Hold On,' and it comes from Sad Robot, a group composed of singer/pianist Katherine Pawlak, guitarist Nick Perez and drummer Jake Hogenson. The song is from their album 'The Beginning (Of the End),' which is available for streaming on their website.

'Hold On' boasts a dramatic pop arrangement. Pawlak's voice can be heard throughout the promo, in between clips from the upcoming season. The words, "Torn apart, wrongly accused, and only chemistry can bring her home," appear on the screen to narrate the action.

The 'Bones' appearance is great publicity for the band, who currently have fewer than 2,000 likes on Facebook but will most likely find a new audience after viewers hear their music in the ad.

Sad Robot commented on the promo on YouTube, writing, "WE are THRILLED to have our song on this amazing Bones promo! Thank you to everyone at Fox. This season will be great!" 'Bones' kicks off its new season at 8PM on Sept. 17.

Listen to Sad Robot's 'Hold On' in the 'Bones' Season 8 Promo