Looks like they'll do anything to get out of finishing that new U2 album. A week after it was announced that Bono and the Edge will be scoring a new musical movie by 'Once' director John Carney, U2's two most visible members are taking on new roles.

The pair has signed on with the board of directors at Fender Musical Instrument, the guitar giant that has become a rock 'n' roll institution over the years. In a press release announcing their joining of the board, Bono called Fender "a standard-bearer."

Bill McGlashen, co-chairman at the guitar company, noted that "by adding the Edge and Bono to the board ... we are taking an important step toward building a company that is able to meet its potential as a business and a brand."

No word on exactly what Bono and the Edge will be doing as board members, but the prospects have the guitarist crazy excited. "This is something of a kid in a candy store situation for me," said the Edge. "I've been a fan of Fender guitars from the beginning, playing them on all the most important U2 tours and albums. But I'm most interested in working with the Fender design team on some new ideas."

In the meantime, the rest of the world is patiently waiting for the next U2 album, the follow-up to 2009's 'No Line on the Horizon' that was strongly hinted at coming later this year. But recent rumors going around say that may not be the case, despite the band's claims that everything is on schedule.

Until then, why not enjoy the video for the only new music we'll likely get from the band for a while: 'Invisible,' which came out way back in January.