Growing up in Minnesota and now calling Brooklyn home, Brett Saxon has forged an eclectic sense of how modern folk music should sound. This sentiment is perfectly captured on his latest album, 'Review of the End,' which hit the streets in September. Today (Nov. 4), we are ecstatic to share Saxon's brand-new music video for 'Charlotte's Current' from the LP; check it out above.

With lyrics like, "Half a million strings constantly tugging on my brain / From every aspect and angle that you could claim / To keep them sorted out would drive the smartest man insane," Saxon's beautiful storytelling ability is on full-display on the track. "It's basically a love song," he tells us. "It's about that first moment of love or a relationship. That 'honeymoon phase,' and how to make that last, keeping that  first date going for a lifetime kind of thing."

Even with that in mind, Saxon assures us it wasn't written from a "friendly" space: "It was written out of spite. I'd see all these poppy-folk singers in the Lower East Side getting booked at gigs, with their polished look, bow ties, vests, suspenders, smooth voices ... so I wrote it to prove how easy it is to write a pop song." He laughs and continues, "I'm not sure if I succeeded, but that's my version of pop, and it definitely turned out to be one of the favorites on the album."

As for the video -- which is shot from a car dashboard's point-of-view -- he says, "There was little to no direction, people just got in and did what they wanted to do. People are creative on their own, and it was fun to see what people would or wouldn't do. [The videos for] Cursive's 'Big Bang' and Bright Eyes' 'First Day of My Life' definitely played a big influence."

Saxon has a couple of shows scheduled for the rest of the year; check out his full itinerary here, and make sure you check out 'Review of the End' at his BandCamp right here.