Set for release tomorrow (Jan. 13), Bright Light Bright Light are getting ready for the release of their latest EP, ‘There Are No Miracles.’ Today, Diffuser is excited to team up with the indie pop outfit to premiere the music video for the EP’s title track -- check it out above.

The new EP blends beautiful pop rhythms into catchy grooves, making for an immensely enjoyable listening experience. And although Bright Light Bright Light mastermind Rod Thomas is no stranger to producing and creating music by himself, he invited some friends to help with 'There Are No Miracles.'

“I wrote the song when I moved to New York and met my amazing group of friends -- Del Marquis, Bridget Barkan, Xavier Smith, who all play on the track,” Thomas tells us. “They all work very hard to make what they want, and they make their own luck. I feel like a lot of people miss opportunities by waiting for a lucky break, or for something else to trigger motion, and I’ve always been someone who just got on with it because it makes me happy.”

He goes on, “I thought it would be a good choice for a single as it sums up my year making ‘Life Is Easy’ and touring with my hero, Elton John. He’s worked tirelessly since he started all those years ago, and is as keen a music buyer now as he was then. He researches, works, collaborates and learned daily, and that’s a real inspiration to me.”

“So this song -- and the EP tracks recorded while opening for him -- are a nod to how much I’ve learned from him, and how grateful to him I am for letting me feel like the hard work has been worth it for this amazing live experience," Thomas humbly admits.

Bright Light Bright Light have two exciting shows scheduled to celebrate ‘There Are No Miracles,’ both at the Mercury Lounge in New York City. The first show, Jan. 13, will be a straight-forward release party, while the second gig the following night will feature dance remixes of the band’s songs. You can get more information on the shows here.

And if you like what you hear and see with the EP’s title track, make sure you get your hands on ‘There Are No Miracles’ when it hits the streets tomorrow. You can order it via iTunes at this location.