Once you give your band a name as perfectly kooky as Natalie Portman's Shaved Head, it's all pretty much downhill. The members of NPSH -- who switched to Brite Futures in 2010 -- admitted as much yesterday, in a heartfelt Facebook letter to fans announcing their breakup.

Saying the news came with "many bittersweet feelings," the band revealed that its final gig will take place on June 16 in Seattle, after which "Brite Futures will cease to be an active band, and we will no longer be creating or playing music together."

The letter is hazy on what exactly led to this decision, but the band said it was unanimous, with every member needing to "move on to other adventures -- the irony of which, for a band with our name, is not lost on us." They were also quick to point out that personality conflicts weren't a part of the split; as the band put it, "This separation is not due to a falling out or any ill feelings between us personally, but with the band’s momentum dying down and other aspirations beckoning, we’ve begun to look toward the next stage in our lives."

Brite Futures went on to recount some of their career highlights, including signing their deal with Warner Bros. Records and engaging in a mock lightsaber battle with Lily Allen on the final night of their tour with her. Quoting the letter: "For a project that started on a whim as an 'a cappella electronic band' at a high school lunch table that was never meant to leave our parents’ basements or a few friends’ iPods, we’ve experienced more in our time together than we could have ever dreamt."

And, of course, they took a few moments to thank the fans who made it all possible, closing with thanks to "everyone who’s taken time to listen to our music, watch our videos, write about us, perform with us, or work with us ... It’s been such an amazing privilege and a pleasure, and it means so much to us. We love you forever."