In their new 'Fashion Rocks' ad campaign, it appears that Macy's department stores have allegedly used the likeness of singer Brody Dalle without her permission. The image in question is that of Dalle from her days with the band the Distillers, where her likeness is seen sporting a distinct Mohican hairdo.

Expressing her anger via Twitter, Dalle said, "Here I am selling @Macys crappy fashion rocks campaign without being asked. @Macy's doesn't ask they just STEAL."

She then sent a barrage of messages aimed directly at Macy's Twitter account:

This is not the first time Macy's has tried to incorporate music trends into its sales pitches. Anyone remember their 'Punk Meets Grunge' fashion show? No? Lucky you.

While whoever handles the Macy's Twitter page seems to do a decent job at actually replying to tweets, it appears like they have yet to address Dalle's accusations.

The Australian-born rocker's latest release, 'Diploid Love,' was released in 2014 to critical acclaim. Get more information on the disc here.