Chicago progressive rock group Brontosaurus -- or as they describe themselves, math-indie-chamber-prog hybrid -- have shared "D Minor Threat," a new track from their upcoming album 'Our Animal Ways." Give it a listen:

"Brontosaurus has the label 'progressive rock' tagged as its genre, but that description doesn’t entirely pin down the Humboldt Park-based trio’s idiosyncratic sound," RedEye Chicago recently said of the band. "Combining disparate elements of folk, chamber pop, math rock and more, it’s difficult to pick up echoes of other acts, as the band’s music is wholly its own."

That might not be entirely true, but that's not a bad thing: There are strong flavors of groups like Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and Baroness here. Our Animal Ways is Brontosaurus's sophomore album — following their 2011 debut, Cold Comes to Claim — and will be released June 9 on People of Paper.

Keep up with their tour dates on their Facebook page and check out the tracklist for Our Animal Ways below.

Our Animal Ways Tracklist
1. "D Minor Threat"
2. "Stay Close Stay Quiet"
3. "Safe To Surface"
4. "So Brief"
5. "D Minor Mission"
6. "Dry Run"
7. "Another Numbered Day"
8. "Foundations Shake"