Brown Bird’s Morganeve Swain has announced that Supply & Demand Music will release the former Americana duo’s final album, ‘Axis Mundi,’ this spring.

The album’s recording was completed after the death of Swain’s husband and the other half of Brown Bird, David Lamb. Lamb was diagnosed with leukemia while the band was touring in support of their 2013 album, ‘Fits of Reason.’ The duo then began recording ‘Axis Mundi’ during Lamb’s year-long battle with the disease. The singer-songwriter passed away last spring.

Supply & Demand Music

“‘Axis Mundi’ is the album that Dave and I wrote during the year of his battle with leukemia,” Swain said in a statement. “Excluding ‘Tortured Boy,’ which I wrote for him in the first stage of our relationship, these songs were written in the months leading up to his diagnosis, and the months following his bone marrow transplant, when he was confined to our home.”

“This album is different from our others in that it is, in many ways, the album we always wanted to make,” she continued. “It is fuller, louder and more rock-inspired than our previous efforts, while still holding tight to the Middle Eastern and Eastern European influences we’d become known for. We’d intended to record the record at home during Dave’s recovery, and release and tour on it when he was well enough to get back on the road.”

Axis Mundi’ – which will be Brown Bird’s sixth album since their 2007 debut, ‘Tautology’ – will arrive April 28.