“The age of the over-sized luxury car is about to give way to a smarter, more nimble breed,” says the new ad for the Buick Encore, which features a throwback to the prehistoric era as dinosaurs navigate city streets and attempt to “parallel park.” What’s the song in the 30-second clip?

The tune is ‘The Guitar (the Lion Sleeps Tonight)’ by Brooklyn-based indie rockers They Might Be Giants, featuring country singer-songwriter Laura Cantrell, and it appears on their 1992 EP by the same name. The song was inspired by a jam session centering around the Tokens’ smash hit ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight.’

Back in March, TMBG released their 16th album, ‘Nanobots.’ Diffuser.fm called the 25-track set “one of the most enjoyable albums in their catalog” and praised it for showing “a musical maturation that goes a long way toward dispelling the pesky ‘quirky’ tag.” Click here to read the full review of the disc.

Fans hoping to see TMBG live can catch them this spring on a series of North American tour dates — check out their official site for more info.

Hear They Might Be Giants’ ‘The Guitar (the Lion Sleeps Tonight)’ in the Buick Encore 2013 Commercial