The sexy vibe of the Kills' 'U.R.A Fever' makes it a perfect fit for a Calvin Klein commercial. Accordingly, the song, which features spoken-word vocals, hand claps and programmed drum beats, is now appearing in CK's Fall 2012 jeans promo.

The cinematic clip features dark, sometimes blurry shots of two guys and a girl (models Lara Stone, Myles Crosby and Janis Ancens) sitting on steps inside what appears to be a gritty club. With their leather jackets, tight jeans and pouty expressions, the models look impossibly cool as they pose along with the Kills' buzzing electronic bursts of noise.

The hook arrives as a guy and girl move in for the inevitable kiss: "I am a fever, I am a fever / I ain't born typical / We are a fever, we are a fever / We ain't born typical." Despite some steamy close-ups, the kiss never actually comes, leaving viewers to use their imaginations.

'U.R.A. Fever' was the first single from the Kills' 'Midnight Boom,' the third studio album for the indie rock duo consisting of Alison 'VV' Mosshart and Jamie 'Hotel' Hince. Their most recent release was 2011's 'Blood Pressures.' Just this month, they released a video for 'Wild Charms,' a track from that album.

Hear the Kills' 'U.R.A. Fever' in the Calvin Klein Fall 2012 Jeans Commercial