With the release of their new album 'Let It Reign,' in February,' Carl Barat and the Jackals have just released a new single, 'A Storm Is Coming.'

Starting with a rousing electric guitar, Barat leads the vocals with simple and straight forward lyrics on the mid-tempo song. "But I don't mind / I know a storm is coming / Things won't ever be the same again / You can run this time / It has to be now or never / Sooner or later, it has to end," he sings on the chorus as the rest of the band repeats it after.

Check it out below:

No matter what the song is actually about, we're sure that seeing this track live will get everyone on their feet, just like they probably did when the band performed it along with others on New Year's Eve.

'A Storm is Coming' is the latest single off of 'Let It Reign,' set for release on Feb. 16 via Cooking Vinyl. Produced by Joby J of the Bronx, the album was recorded in Los Angeles and London.

'Let It Reigh' Track List
'Glory Days'
'Victory Gin'
'Summer In The Trenches'
'A Storm Is Coming'
'Beginning To See'
'March Of The Idle'
'We Want More'
'War Of The Roses'
'The Gears'
'Let It Rain'
'The King Is Me' (iTunes Bonus Track)

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