The ongoing saga that is Cat Power has experienced yet another plot twist. After saying yesterday (Oct. 31) that she may have to cancel her upcoming European tour, the singer is now saying that the shows will go on, but in a different form.

Earlier today, the artist born Chan Marshall tweeted, "EUROPEAN TOUR IS ON. WITHOUT STAGE PRESENTATION. HARD MONEY WASTED. #GOODBYE #GORILLA" along with an Instagram picture of her stage setup, which featured a backdrop of what looked like a scene from the original 1933 film 'King Kong.' We're guessing this means that she can only remain on tour by scaling back the production.

Yesterday, Marshall disclosed that she is bankrupt and suffering from a swelling of the skin known as angioedema. Back in September, she spent some time at Miami's Mount Sinai hospital, and although the reason for her stay was not disclosed, her label said that it was unrelated to the mental health and substance abuse issues that caused her to cancel an entire tour in 2006.