Cat Power's recent struggles with angioedema -- an illness that causes rapid and potentially life-threatening swelling -- have forced her to postpone her European tour until early 2013.

She broke the unfortunate news in an Instagram post, sharing her frustration with how angioedema "can attack at random & is extremely frightening and dangerous when it hits my throat, windpipe, or tongue, and I've been hospitalized for it eight times since the first attack, 2 DAYS AFTER MY RECORD RELEASE."

While seeking help from health professionals, she's been battling on the financial front too, trying to set up tour support for an ambitious spate of dates around the world, and the combination has been difficult. "The American tour has been wonderful and amazing, and with me being unable to AFFORD to bring my show with full production, (which i helped create) to Europe, financially, really dumped a huge additional amount of stress on me as i was and still am fighting trying to get tour support," she explained, adding, "I have to postpone my European tour until early next year, so I can return home and re-engage myself back into my health regimen."

But even with health and money woes sidelining her temporarily, Cat Power is still thinking about the fans. "I f---ing love my fans. Everything I do regarding my career, I FIRST, think of my fans and this world we all share," she promised. "But right now, I HAVE TO think of myself because I have to learn trough meditation & being clear from alcohol & cigarettes & red meat and lots of rest amongst my menagerie of doctors.... I have to think of MYSELF right now because I have to now LEARN to heal myself. Through that, I can learn to help others to heal themselves.

"I know my fans will understand and I thank them and love them much more than I believe they could ever know. I am here and do what I do, for them and because of them. You have kept me alive this long, I refuse to give up on you OR MYSELF. And that goes to all the journalists who write a true story as well. To you all in the struggle. May light be on your path at every step."