Slowriter, ‘Animated’ – Free MP3 Download
A man can only rage for so long. After two years of playing guitar with the math-y Atlanta post-hardcore outfit the Chariot, Bryan Taylor has pulled up a desk chair and parked himself at the computer. There, piecing together tracks for his Slowriter side project, he fits together beats, loops, textu…
The Finks, ‘Valley Girl’ – Free MP3 Download
What qualifies Nelson Nuñez and Jonny Molina -- a couple of NYC dudes who met four years ago at a recording studio and have since been bashing out totally boss garage-punk jams -- to sing about valley girls, those famously vapid mall-dwelling pariahs of Southern California?
’90s Rock Stars Then and Now: 10 Alt-Rock Heroes Revisited
What are yesterday's rock stars up to today? More importantly, how do they look? Ever curious and nostalgic, we decided to check in with Trent Reznor, Billy Corgan, Chris Cornell and some of our other favorite '90s alt-rock superstars to see what they're up to these days. Many have weathered the yea…

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