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Special features

Before They Were Famous: Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks was the lead in Everclear's 1999 game show-style music video, 'One Hit Wonder,' and the beauty wasn't spared the questionable '90s outfits -- or an unflattering shaggy haircut.
The redheaded bombshell had steady - if forgettable - work throughout the years…
What Does Deadmau5 Look Like Without His Mask?
It's no great mystery what Deadmau5 looks like without his helmet. Photos of Joel Zimmerman, the Canadian DJ behind the mouse mask, are all over the Internet, and he's performed and given interviews sans the giant LED-lit headpiece.
Jacob Miller – Rockers Who Died at Age 27
Best known as the former singer of Inner Circle, Jamaican singer Jacob Miller had the kind of voice that could effortlessly shift from smoothed-out Lovers Rock ballads to rock-infused reggae. Miller and his bandmates famously appeared in the cult classic film ‘Rockers,’ where t…
Sean McCabe of Ink & Dagger – Rockers Who Died at Age 27
Sounding like a more agitated version of Minor Threat/Fugazi legend Ian MacKaye, Ink & Dagger singer Sean McCabe had an unruly vocal delivery that perfectly complemented Don Devore’s rubbery guitar riffs. McCabe’s magnetic stage presence and dark yet often humorous lyrics -- something sorely lac…
Nate Niec of No Holds Barred – Rockers Who Died at Age 27
Georgia musician Nate Niec might not have been a household name, but the bassist definitely left his mark in his community. In addition to playing bass in punk bands like No Holds Barred and Das Maniacs, Niec worked at a camp for traumatized children and even did some acting work, playing a monster …

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