Seattle's Chastity Belt certainly don't hide "the goods." In fact, the girl group bares it all with glinting guitars, lead vocals reminiscent of Carole King, a $50 drum kit and a whole lot of lovely sad bastard jams.

The band has released several scuzzy singles online, but their latest album, 'No Regerts' (yes, you read that correctly), reveals a more refined Chastity Belt -- one bent on swaying you back and forth like the loser loner you are.

Their tune 'Seattle Party' is a melancholy retro rocker filled with awesome guitar licks and post-soiree mental anguish.

"I wrote this song last summer after attending a lot of parties," the band's Julia Shapiro tells "I didn't and still don't have a real person 9-to-5 job, so I end up going to a lot of parties to let loose and have fun like the wild girl I am."

"This song is about how those parties are not actually that fun, night after night," she adds. "A lot of times I come home feeling lost, like nothing happened and no one cared. Sometimes those parties are fun, but this song is about how they aren't."

'No Regerts' is out Aug. 13 via Help Yourself Records. Download 'Seattle Party' below and get your downer on.

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