Chavez is one of those bands that got lost in the wash of the tide of alternative and indie music in the '90s. A lot of other bands suffered the same fate, but few deserved the attention that Chavez did. They managed to swing back and forth between heavy and melodic with ease.

The above video is for the song 'Break Up Your Band' from 1995, and it finds the fellows attempting to entertain an audience of ladies that seems a bit disinterested. Luckily, though, the band has a strategy for gaining the women's attention: male strippers. A string of muscle-bound hunks in different outfits dance for the audience.

The show takes a turn for the worse, though, when one of the exotic dancers hurts his leg trying to pull off a fancy spin move. He falls to the ground, clutching his wounded leg. This interrupts the spaceman dancer who descends from a flying saucer. It's a shame, because that was a grand entrance.

Chavez stopped performing and putting out material in 1999, but they started touring again in 2006. The band members pursued other projects during this break. Probably the most ill-fated of these peripheral pursuits was when guitarist Matt Sweeny joined Billy Corban's post-Pumpkins band Zwan back in 2001. On paper, Zwan seemed like a sure thing. History proved otherwise. Thankfully, Chavez reformed in 2006, and supposedly new material is forthcoming. We hope so.