With the future of Sonic Youth uncertain -- last fall's surprising breakup of principals Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon after decades of marriage put all future SY projects officially on hold -- various band members have immersed themselves in various projects, tiding the time until what we believe is an inevitable reunion (fingers crossed). Moore's latest is a group called Chelsea Light Moving, which recently played a few gigs in Canada and last month unleashed their first song, 'Burroughs,' upon the world. Now they are back for round two in the form of 'Groovy and Linda.'

In addition to Moore, CLM features Keith Wood of freak folkers Hush Arbors, Samara Lubelski of the underrated Sonora Pine and Jackie-O Motherf---er, and John Moloney of psych act Sunburned Hand of the Man. It's an eclectic bunch for sure, and so far the results -- the wild 'Burroughs' and the more expansive 'Groovy and Linda' -- and direction they are headed aren't exactly easy to pin down. One thing that's for certain, though, is that Moore is leading the charge -- which isn't surprising, considering he is by far the biggest star of the group.

That said, 'Groovy and Linda' sounds more like 'Washing Machine'-era Youth than Thurston's latest solo effort, the soothing acoustic folk of last year's 'Demolished Thoughts.' It's a bit more abrasive and grinding, with obtuse melodies and stabs of noise-damaged feedback stabbing into a minimal back beat of a groove. "This chug n’ shred burner is a psycho reflection of late '60s NYC East Village hippie idealism slayed and splayed in an Avenue B tenement boiler room," he explains -- although were not quite sure we get what he's getting at.

So, where does it all lead? The specifics of a CLM album have not been announced, but that's what we assume will be coming soon. If nothing else, it will kill the time before the next Sonic Youth platter -- if you're anything like us, that's what you really want. We must kill time.

Listen to Chelsea Light Moving, 'Groovy and Linda'