Locking yourself out of your car isn't so bad when you're swimming with friends and when you have the music of Iron and Wine for comfort. The indie act headed by Sam Beam appears in the latest Chevy Sonic commercial that focuses on a group of night swimming young people who are saved by the MyChevrolet App, which allows users to unlock their car by using a cell phone.

The commercial begins with the group parking their Chevy Sonic near a lake. They remove some of their clothes and excitedly run into the water as Iron and Wine's ballad 'Each Coming Night' plays in the background.

The song's slow pace doesn't match the party vibe of the kids' late-night shenanigans, but its romantic tone might be appropriate for the young couples. The horseplay continues as Beam sings, "My lover came to me and we'd lay in rooms unfamiliar but until now."

When the friends head back to the car, they realize they have locked the keys inside, but thanks to the MyChevrolet app, all it takes is the press of a button on a cell phone to rectify their dilemma.

'Each Coming Night' appeared on the 2004 album 'Our Endless Numbered Days,' Iron and Wine's second full-length record. That release peaked at No. 158, but Beam's music has steadily grown more popular over the years, with 2011's 'Kiss Each Other Clean' earning a No. 2 debut.

Listen to Iron and Wine's 'Each Coming Night' in the Chevy Sonic Commercial