Sometimes, something from the popular culture of one society may seem very strange to someone from a different society. But we can't imagine any context where this video doesn't seem strange to anyone, no matter where he or she might be from. But, considering this is a viral video, that's no surprise.

The video, 'Little Apple,' follows two lovers -- we think -- throughout different periods in time -- we think -- and uses an apple as a symbol of a love that is forever doomed -- we think. We don't speak Chinese, so we're just going off of the erratic visual clues provided in the video. But you don't need to know Chinese to see how funny this video is, or to get the infectiously poppy song caught in your head.

This is the latest video from some fellows called the Chopsticks Brothers. They've been making music videos and short films for a while now, and their videos are very popular in China. They've also made a few short movies, including 'Old Boys' and 'The Winner.' With any luck, they'll catch on over here in the States, as well. Check out the video for their serious and emotional tune, 'Father,' below.