Today (May 28), Diffuser is proud to partner with Chris Marshall and the August Light to debut the beautiful music video for "Feel Like I'm Running" -- check it out above.

"I didn't want to write that song," Marshall admits. "I needed to write that song. [It] had to be written." During the time of its creation, Marshall says he was in a season of life that found him "in survival mode. I was really just trying to breathe underwater. But through the song, I actually discovered that I wasn't ultimately trying to run away from anything; I wanted to run right toward it."

Those sentiments are found not just in the song itself, but also throughout the track's music video. Directed by Jon Garcia, the visuals translate its somber yet hopeful theme, and features a cast of "talented and earnest young actors." In today's society, revenge is such a standard and almost accepted response to negative situations, but through "Feel Like I'm Running," Marshall hopes we'll swing the other way: "Kill 'em with kindness."

"Feel Like I'm Running" is the debut single and lead track to Chris Marshall and the August Light's new full-length effort, Some Kind of Dream, which will hit the streets on June 23. You can stay up-to-date with Marshall and his band at their official website.