The lead singer of the Black Crowes is back with a new band -- the Chris Robinson Brotherhood -- and a new song, 'Rosalee.' Certifiably groovy, the iconoclastic frontman refits a classic jam form. The result bursts out with thick bass lines and choruses.

In what could have been a collaboration with the late Levon Helm, ‘Rosalee’ has some major the Band-style collective groove. Robinson’s whammied-out guitar soars over the composition when he's not singing coy lyrics. “Is the air getting thinner?” Robinson asks. “Are we getting high?” With anything this free love, the answer has to be yes.

It seems that the roving rock star might be ready to settle down a bit, as he belts out, “I understand that this bird in my hand / Is better than two in the bush.” Stay, faithful, Chris -- anybody that makes you sing this well is worth holding on to.

Robinson fronts his eponymous Brotherhood, and he's collected a gang of seasoned rock 'n' rollers for his worthy cause: That's Neal Casal on guitar, Adam MacDougall on keys, Mark Dutton on bass and George Sluppick on drums.

'Rosalee' is the first track off of 'Big Moon Ritual,' the Brotherhood's debut studio album, out June 5 on Silver Arrow/Megaforce Records. The band has another album on the way as well, 'The Magic Door,' out in September.

As for now, we're excited to see what friends 'Rosalee' might bring along to the 'Big Moon Ritual.'

Watch Chris Robinson Brotherhood Perform 'Rosalee' Live