Though the initial blogger-fueled buzz about Brooklyn indie band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah has long since faded, the band continues to plug away. The guys have just unleashed an eye-popping new music video for 'Hysterical,' the title track from their third album, released last September.

It's an arty piece of visual cinema that blends black-and-white footage with vibrant paint splotches. The video opens slowly, with distant shots of shadows gradually coming into focus, but then the color appears as the track speeds up, and the images change so fast that even those with the shortest of attention spans may find it hard to keep up.

There's not much of a discernible plot, but we do see the band members shown in various positions that seem to evoke death. One is bent over backwards atop a trash can, while others lie motionless on the ground in creepy close-ups while splashes of color pulse onto the screen. Part gritty and part avant-garde, this is a video worth watching more than once.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah will be supporting the 'Hysterical' album with a performance at the Sasquatch Music Festival in late May, followed by a brief run of dates with Two Door Cinema Club.

Watch the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 'Hysterical' Video