Closure In Moscow are known for creating cutting-edge, if not borderline bizarre, avant-garde rock and roll. This willingness to forge an unconventional opus has led to one of the strangest -- but still absolutely entertaining -- videos to come out in 2014.

The last track on the Australian rock act's second studio album, 'Pink Lemonade,' is entitled, 'ピンク レモネード.' The music video (above) is as confusing as the title. Featuring an 8-bit arrangement reminiscent of old-school Nintendo games -- a definite musical departure from the rest of Closure In Moscow's latest LP -- the video is highlighted by the eerie vocals of Midori Kurihara of YMCK.

While this tune might not be the most representative piece of work from Closure In Moscow, what it so perfectly captures is the band's lack of concern for the conventionalism of mainstream music. And isn't that what's at the heart of all that is good with rock and roll?

Closure In Moscow's 'Pink Lemonade' is currently available on CD and digital formats as well as a double-LP. Get details on the album -- and their full tour schedule -- at their official website here.