Unstoppable noise rockers Cloud Nothings are giving fans an early listen to their upcoming album, 'Here and Nowhere Else.' You can listen here. And we recommend you do. We happen to think it's pretty great.

For a band that prides itself on lack of structure, the Cleveland trio has tightened the seams of its usual rambunctious indie-punk rock fusion. The cleaner track work, catchy hooks and tight song foundation make 'Here and Nowhere Else' one of the first must-hear albums of 2014.

Still, even with the more accessible sounds, this isn't a soft album by any means. The rough, in-your-face punch of 2012's 'Attack on Memory' is still very much there.

The closing track -- the almost ballad-like 'I'm Not Part of Me,' which leaked a couple months ago -- is a highlight, but pay attention to the gritty and fast-paced 'Just See Fear' and the opening 'Now Hear In,' which we also love.

The album comes out on April 1, but head on over to NPR's First Listen to check it out now.