Opening day and night at Coachella 2012 not only saw several stellar performances -- Mazzy Star, the Black Keys and M83 were among the highlights -- but also something that's a very rare occurrence at the festival: periods of rain and downright chilly temperatures. Not surprisingly, those were the two big themes as fans took to Twitter en masse to transmit their experiences back to envious friends at home (a phenomenon that, with so many posts per minute emanating from Indio, could easily cause a Twitter backlash by those not in attendance).

So while there isn't exactly a common theme to these posts beyond Coachella, the following are a good representation of the fun that went down on Friday. With tweets from both the common Coachella goer and the famous kind (even Paris Hilton gets in on the action), they give a wide range of the experiences people have there. So check back for more Fan Twitter Transimissions From Indio all weekend long -- hopefully tied to specific events -- but in the meantime check out this eclectic sampling of the Coachella Twitterverse: