"If you've had a Coke in the last 84 years," says a man's voice over in the recent Olympics-themed Coca-Cola commercial, "you've had a hand in making every Olympic dream come true." Flickering along to that is a string of goose bump-inducing visuals featuring medal-winning athletes from over the years -- many instantly recognizable, some not -- standing on the podium and receiving their prizes. It's a bold statement for Coke to make, but considering the amount of money donated by the beverage maker to the international athletics competition over the year, probably a pretty accurate one.

Adding even more emotion to this spot is the musical accompaniment from Sia Furler, the Australian downtempo and soul jazz singer best known for her work with British outfit Zero 7 on their breakthrough 2001 album 'Simple Things.'  Here she turns in the solo, piano-driven ballad 'Breathe Me,' which starts off with simple and sparse piano chords, then soon builds with the addition of percussion and synth-produced orchestral flourishes. It's an ironic twist as Furler, who is best known for her gorgeous and airy vocals, doesn't sing a peep on the segment of 'Breathe Me' used in this ad.

The creative teams that have made Coca-Cola commercials over the years have long been effective at yanking on viewers' heartstrings with their warm and emotionally poignant spots, and the 'Ceremony 2012' clip is no exception. By linking up soda pop with the dreams and aspirations of Olympic athletes, it brings a certain cachet to Coke and its drinkers: going for the red-and-white can is almost just like going for the gold.

Watch the Coca-Cola Ceremony 2012 Commercial Feat. Sia's 'Breathe Me'