The 2012 Paralympics are just around the corner -- and when the closing ceremonies are held in London this September, the competitors will receive a special sendoff with a set from Coldplay.

The announcement was made via Associated Press this morning, with organizing chairman Sebastian Coe saying, "Coldplay are going to be helping us celebrate not only the end of a fantastic Paralympic Games, but also the end of a seven-year journey." Added Coldplay singer Chris Martin, "Being asked to play at the closing celebrations for the Paralympic athletes in London is such a great honor for us. Kim Gavin and Misty Buckley are working hard to put on a spectacular Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony for the athletes and spectators in the stadium, and everyone watching around the world, and we are so happy to be involved."

The Paralympics, which feature athletes with disabilities, started as the International Wheelchair Games in 1948, later switching to their current name (adopted from the Greek "para," or "alongside," due to the fact that they run parallel to the Olympic Games). From their inception as a competition for disabled British war veterans, the games have expanded considerably; at the last Paralympics, held in Seoul in 2008, nearly 4,000 athletes competed.

This year's Paralympics will be held in London between Aug. 29-Sept. 9, with the closing ceremonies -- including Coldplay's performance -- taking place on the final day.